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Feeling Under the Weather?

Whether you’re experiencing new and urgent symptoms, long-term medical conditions, or just need your medications refilled, The Kingsley Clinic provides the ongoing care you need  — no matter where you are. Schedule your appointment to see a compassionate doctor without the waiting room.

Meet With a Doctor Virtually

The Kingsley Clinic is an online urgent care and family practice office that treats a wide variety of symptoms related to common illnesses. When you schedule your visit, you’re guaranteed to meet with a board-certified MD (U.S. trained) who will help you manage new symptoms or illnesses as well as long-term, chronic medical conditions. Meet face to face with a doctor in the comfort of your own home with our secure, patient-friendly technology.

Conditions We Treat

Are you experiencing urinary symptoms? The flu? Pink eye? No matter your symptoms, The Kingsley Clinic is here for you. We treat a wide range of conditions and symptoms, such as:

Don’t see your symptoms listed? We can still help you.  Ask our front desk to find out if we can treat your symptoms or condition.  

Woman sitting comfortably on sofa because her stomach pain and Nausea are gone

Stomach and Intestinal Symptoms

Feeling nauseous? Our doctors can help you identify what’s causing your stomach nausea or pain. Here are some conditions we treat:

Asthma and Respiratory Conditions

The Kingsley Clinic doctors can diagnose and recommend treatment for any respiratory or breathing issues you might have, including the following:

Man breathe freely because he does not have asthma and respiratory anymore
Little girl who does not have Ear, Nose, or Throat infection laughing

Strep Throat, Ear Infections, and Flu/Sinus Infections

The Kingsley Clinic diagnoses and treats various causes of earaches, sore throat, sinus congestion, and runny nose, including the following:

Skin Conditions

Skin conditions can be uncomfortable and unsightly. Our physicians are able to treat various skin problems, including the following:

Grandma with good skin condition hugging granddaughter
Urinary Infections and STDs Hero

Urinary Symptoms and STDs

Addressing symptoms of a urinary infection, genital infection, or sexually transmitted disease can feel awkward. Our caring and empathetic physicians are committed to treating and curing your infection as quickly as possible so you can get back to feeling yourself again. Our physicians are here to help you when you’re experiencing:

Other Ways Our Providers Can Help

Looking to address other medical concerns? The Kingsley Clinic can assist with most requests completed in urgent care or primary care offices as well as other unique situations, including the following:

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