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Discover the Kingsley Clinic’s Online Urgent Care and why so many are choosing to see a doctor online.

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Our Doctors

Physician Assistant

Gloria George, PA

Gloria George, PA works to provide convenient and quality care for all of her patients. She studied at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley and has been practicing for almost two years.

Physician Assistant

Jeffrey Scott, PA

Jeffrey Scott, PA is a U.S. Air Force veteran who works to provide quality care to his patients. He studied at the University of Nebraska Medical School and has been practicing for 28 years.

Physician Assistant

Kayla Leggett, PA

Kayla Leggett, PA loves the diversity of telehealth medicine and always looks for ways to keep her knowledge sharp. She studied at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley and has practiced for one year.

Physician Assistant

Lisa Zimmerer, PA

Lisa Zimmerer, PA brings accessible and high-quality care to each and every one of her patients. She studied at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and has practiced for eight years.

Physician Assistant

Nia Abraham, PA

Nia Abraham, PA enjoys helping people in a way that makes them feel comfortable. She studied at Daemen University and has been practicing for one year.

Physician Assistant

Samantha Medema, PA

Sam Medema, PA treats a wide variety of medical conditions in an easy and accessible style for patients. She studied at Creighton University and has been practicing for one year.

Physician Assistant

Vabah Harris, PA

Vabah Harris, PA looks forward to all opportunities and new growth in the world of telehealth. She attended school at Howard University and has been practicing for nine years.

Physician Assistant

Riyushhi Mahadik, PA

Riyushhi Mahadik, PA studied at the University of St. Francis and has been practicing in the industry for one year.

Physician Assistant

Shannon Marrero, PA

Shannon Marrero, PA offers virtual care for her patients so they can have flexible and accessible appointments. She studied at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and has practiced for eight years.

Physician Assistant

Michelle Guillot, PA

Michelle Guillot, PA delights in bringing compassionate care to people across the nation. She studied at both LSU Baton Rouge, LA and LSU Shreveport, LA and has been practicing for nine years.

Internal Medicine

Anas al Hallak, MD

Dr. Anas Al Hallak is an internal medicine physician with extensive experience in telehealth. Dr. Hallak is passionate about making sure not only to provide the highest level of care, but also to ensure his patients are given the best resources and information so they themselves also understand their disease. He studied at the Albert Einstein School of Medicine and has been practicing for six years.

Internal Medicine

James Kingsley, M.D.

Dr. James Kingsley is a caring physician who listens to patients’ symptoms and stories with empathy and kindness. He founded The Kingsley Clinic to provide high-quality, evidence-based healthcare to all patients, no matter their background or circumstance.

What we Treat

If you’re looking for an urgent care nearby, but prefer to avoid exposure to COVID-19 or simply prefer the convenience of seeing an online doctor, then we can help you at the Kingsley Clinic.  If you would like to know whether what you need to be seen for can be managed online ask our front desk for help.  If it is something you are planning to have evaluated at an urgent care center or it’s something that your primary care physician typically helps you with, then a Kingsley Clinic doctor can help you.

Our board certified doctors see and treat patients with both new symptoms and chronic medical conditions.  We can also help with any medication refills or referrals you might need. Our physicians see pediatric, adult and geriatric patients.

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Patient Reviews

I had a Teledoc visit with this clinic on Friday. I am a chronic pain patient and have been treated so poorly the last six years since I have become ill. They were not able to continue my medication regimen from a prior pain clinic who treated me very badly, but, even though they were not able to take me on as a patient, they were very respectful. They did not make me feel like they looked down on me. Nor did they make me feel like I was an addict or a criminal. They explained why they could not help me in a very sweet and respectful manner. I have to say thank you for that! It’s refreshing even though you couldn’t help me, that you were kind and empathetic. If you’re looking for a general doctor, these guys are awesome and I highly recommend them!
Tavia P.
Tavia P.
02:01 19 Mar 21
If it weren’t for these people I wouldn’t be able to get refills on my heart medications right now. Dr. Soleja, Amanda & Chelsea are super sweet & seem to really care. Thank you all so, so much.
D. L.
D. L.
19:40 26 Feb 21
Dr.kingsley is the most compassionate and caring Dr I know . He takes the time to listen and understand everyone , never being in a hurry or rushing you when talking about worries or concerns. I’ve been seeing him for a few months and couldn’t be more happy with him .. id recommend him to anyone who may be seeking a new Dr. A true God sent. Thank you Mr James Kingsley
Melissa O.
Melissa O.
14:58 30 Jan 21
I’ve moved from Nevada to Texas it was a great experience. I do not have insurance currently and it is very affordable. Personally I’d rather just pay cash, but either way they are very professional. I like the convince of it all being online in my home.
Diane F.
Diane F.
12:29 13 Jan 21
I had the most Wonderful experience with everyone. This is now going to be my new Dr for the entire family. They made me comfortable and were very thorough.Paid attention to all of my requests and did not make me feel weird about anything at all.Very much appreciated! ❤️
Shawna R.
Shawna R.
01:16 08 Jan 21
I used the telemedicine service they have available, and was very impressed!! I was able to use my insurance, (I paid $16.50) and my medication was prescribed within an hour. The set-up was easy, a person named Chelsea was kind and professional. When I was called by the physician he was through and efficient. I will definitely recommend them to all my friends and family!! If you need care and do not want to leave the house this is definitely the place to contact. Thumbs up and five stars all the way!!!!
Adrianna M.
Adrianna M.
03:05 06 Dec 20
I was with Dr Soleja in the Beginning for I think it was like 3-4 months then it just didn’t seem like the care I was getting was good anymore.I’m sure we all can say at time’s, it starts good and good Dr but just not what I was looking for in a Dr.I seen Dr Kingsley on phone and he was very Caring, Compassionate, and Friendly and I like that in a Dr and he actually showed he cared.Thank You Dr Kingsley!Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, and all your Staff!🦃🦃❤️❤️😷😷🙏☕☕
Shelly N.
Shelly N.
17:59 23 Nov 20
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Costs of an Urgent Care visit


Full visit Copay with insurance (estimate based on averages).


Full visit out of pocket without insurance.


Returning patients without insurance.

We Accept All Insurances Except Medicaid or No Insurance.

We Accept Aetna Health Insurance
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We accept Humana
We accept Cigna health insurance
We accept patients covered through the Veteran Affairs health plan
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Our Mission

The Kingsley Clinic was established to set a new standard of quality in telemedicine.  While there are many opportunities to find fast care online, we believe speed should never compromise the quality of care you receive. Everyone seen at the Kingsley Clinic is given the time and attention that they deserve.


James Kingsley, MD

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