The Kingsley Clinic

Meet our Medical Team

The Kingsley Clinic doctors are board-certified MDs who are committed to the health and comfort of each patient. Our qualified physicians value patients’ time and are always available to listen to any health concern. Learn more about our doctors below.

Physician Assistant

Amanda Hamala

Amanda Hamala considers her medical career to be her life’s proudest accomplishment and takes a great deal of joy in healing and improving the lives of patients for a living. She is known for her highly sought-after empathetic and compassionate bedside manner.

Internal Medicine

James Kingsley, M.D.

Dr. James Kingsley is a caring physician who listens to patients’ symptoms and stories with empathy and kindness. He founded The Kingsley Clinic to provide high-quality, evidence-based healthcare to all patients, no matter their background or circumstance.

Internal Medicine

Danial A. Soleja, M.D.

Dr. Danial Soleja believes that all patients deserve convenient healthcare from a friendly and competent physician. He is known for his outstanding leadership in medicine as well as his commitment to helping patients find the essential treatment they need.

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