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The Kingsley Clinic 2024 Stay Healthy Plan

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The new year is often a time to set health goals such as losing weight, eating better, or finally getting that gym membership. But are you focusing on the health of your entire body? To help you start 2024 off on the right foot, The Kingsley Clinic has created a customizable, four-part Stay Healthy Plan. This plan is tailored to you, giving you the tools you need to prioritize your physical and mental health.

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Your Personalized Stay Healthy Plan

Our Stay Healthy Plan focuses on four key elements of physical and mental health to ensure 2024 is your best year. Pick which of the four areas you would like to focus on — you can pick just one, or all four.

Cancer screening

Ensure your cancer screenings are up to date, and get your questions answered by a physician. We’ll schedule screenings if you need them, giving you the peace of mind that you are cancer-free.

Weight loss

A new-year weight loss plan can be challenging for anyone, especially when it involves a crash diet or a brand-new fitness plan. We offer safe, healthy weight loss plans that help you achieve the right weight for your body. It may not be instant, but it’s healthy and promotes sustainable weight loss. All this is done in a supportive atmosphere that holds you accountable.

Anxiety management

Anxiety makes you feel trapped in your mind, and it can prevent you from growing and thriving. Luckily, anxiety can be treated and you can find healthy ways to cope. Our Stay Healthy Plan helps you tackle day-to-day anxiety by prioritizing sleep, mindfulness, and more.

Immune support

Do you often feel fatigued? You might have a weakened immune system. Our plan helps you strengthen your immune system by identifying vitamin and nutrient deficiencies, food allergies, and possible side effects of your current medication.

How the Stay Healthy Plan Works

During your 40-minute visit, your doctor will listen to your concerns around your health goals, and create a personalized wellness plan that helps you tackle them. In subsequent visits, we’ll hold you accountable to your goals and provide support and advice to help you stay motivated. 

The Kingsley Clinic Stay Healthy Plan is available to insured patients. The cost of the visit varies based on your insurance copay.

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