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At-Home Care for Urinary Infections and STDs

Urinary infections, genital discomfort, and sexually transmitted infections can be extremely bothersome and sometimes embarrassing. Fortunately, you can avoid the stress and discomfort of an in-person doctor visit at The Kingsley Clinic. Our caring and understanding physicians can offer treatment for common genital conditions discreetly and whenever works best for you.

Diagnosis and Treatment for Urinary Symptoms

The doctors at The Kingsley Clinic can provide treatment and prescriptions for common urinary infections and sexually transmitted infections. Some STD and urinary infection symptoms may need to be evaluated in a doctor’s examination, but common symptoms can be treated by telemedicine. When you meet with our board-certified physicians, they will talk to you to understand more about the symptoms you are experiencing, and what we can do to help you feel better.

We treat the following urinary conditions:

Genital Rashes


Prostate Issues

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

Urinary Incontinence

Urinary Tract Infections

Vaginal Discharge or Itching

Yeast Infections

And More

How to Know If You Should See a Doctor

Symptoms of urinary infections, genital discomfort, and STDs can easily disrupt your day and leave you wondering where to turn for help. Without treatment, these issues may become worse and cause further infections or conditions. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, seek help from the board-certified physicians at The Kingsley Clinic:

Frequent, persistent urge to urinate

Burning sensation or pain during urination

Cloudy or pink/red urine

Itching in the genital area

Unusual genital bleeding or discharge

Schedule a doctor’s visit today at The Kingsley Clinic to address your symptoms.

Find Out Which
Other Conditions We Treat

Looking for help with other symptoms? We treat a wide variety of conditions at the Kingsley Clinic. Visit the link below to find out about the other conditions we treat.

Looking for a Referral?

In your appointment, our doctors can write you a referral if you need to see a specialist doctor such as a gynecologist or a urologist. Book your appointment today.

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