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Skin Infections

Possible diagnoses: Cellulitis, abscesses

Introduction: Skin infections are common outpatient complaints. If you notice redness, pain, warmth, or swelling these may be due to a skin infection or an allergic reaction. Normally, different types of germs live on a person’s skin. Most of the time, these germs do not cause any problems. But if a person gets a cut or a break in the skin, the germs can get into the skin and cause an infection. Other sources of infection include insect bites and stings, ingrown hairs, or trauma.  

Symptoms: Most common symptoms include pain, redness, warmth, or swelling. Some people may also experience fever or chills. 

Testing: Most people do not need any tests. A careful history and typical exam findings are enough for a doctor to diagnose and treat skin infection.

Treatment: It is important to bring these symptoms to medical attention quickly as early infections can be treated simply with antibiotics. These infections can spread to the whole body and become serious if not treated. 

Note: Certain medical conditions like diabetes, chronic skin conditions, or autoimmune diseases can put you at risk for severe infections. 


To see a Kingsley Clinic doctor, click here so your skin infection can be treated early before it causes any severe complications.

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