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At-Home Care for Strep Throat, Ear Infections, and Flu/Sinus Infections

Strep throat, the flu, and ear infections are some of the most common concerns seen in clinics. Fortunately, you don’t need to sit in a waiting room all afternoon before being seen. The physicians at The Kingsley Clinic are available to see you whenever it is most convenient for you.

Diagnosis and Treatment for ENT Symptoms

The Kingsley Clinic treats common ear, nose, and throat infections on a regular basis. When our board-certified physicians meet with you, they are committed to fully listening to your health story and understanding your health concerns. From there, they will make a diagnosis and send in a prescription to whichever pharmacy is most convenient for you, so you can feel better quickly.

We treat the following ear, nose, and throat infections:


COVID-19 Infections


Middle Ear Infection

Sinus Infections

Strep and Sore Throat

Swimmer’s Ear

The Flu

Tooth Abscesses and Other Dental Infections

And More

How to Know If You Should See a Doctor

It’s not difficult to identify an ear, nose, and throat condition, as you’ll clearly feel the symptoms in those areas. However, these conditions could stick around for a while and prevent you from enjoying life. If you’re experiencing these symptoms, it’s important to seek treatment as soon as possible:


Stuffy Nose


Bad Breath

Issues Swallowing

Ear Irritation



Schedule an appointment with The Kingsley Clinic today to start feeling better.

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Looking for a Referral?

During your appointment, our doctors can write you a referral to see a specialist physician such as a dermatologist or cardiologist. Book your visit today.
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