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The Kingsley Clinic Volunteer and Shadowing Program

The Kingsley Clinic is happy to offer its Volunteer and Shadowing Program to students, a transformative opportunity for pre-med undergraduates to shadow a primary care practice through telemedicine! This program gives students a taste of what they have to look forward to when they start working in the health care industry — experiencing the compassionate, skillful guidance and mentorship that our outstanding physicians and staff members have to offer. 

This program is free to students.

Just as we ensure that each of our telemedicine patients receives the quality time and attention they need, the students accepted into our Volunteer and Shadowing Program will also get one-on-one time with physicians as well as the hands-on experience needed to prepare them for an exciting career in medicine.

About Our Volunteer and Shadowing Program

As a volunteer, students will help our patients get checked in, obtain their medical history, send in lab and radiology tests, and collect/record their results. During the shadowing portion of the program, they will observe one of our physicians for a maximum of four hours per week as he consults with various patients. Volunteers may choose their own schedule Monday through Friday. 

At the end of your shadowing experience, you may request a letter of recommendation from one of our board-certified physicians to help bolster your application to medical school.

The Benefits of Shadowing With The Kingsley Clinic

We get it. Undergraduate students have their hands full. Between midterm exams, homework, labs, and part-time jobs, it can be difficult to fit a volunteer program into your busy life. 

When you volunteer with The Kingsley Clinic, we help you fit our Volunteer and Shadowing Program seamlessly into your daily schedule, making sure that your other responsibilities are still accommodated. With the flexibility of telemedicine and daily open time slots from early in the morning to late at night, students can get in their hours at their own convenience, from the comfort of their own living spaces. 

In addition to flexible scheduling, students also have access to the expertise and experience of Dr. James Kingsley, MD and Dr. Danial Soleja, MD who have years of experience on admission boards for some of the top medical schools in the country and have conducted countless medical school interviews. You can read more about our impressive care providers here.

About The Kingsley Clinic

The Kingsley Clinic is a reputable urgent care and primary care telemedicine practice that handles a wide variety of conditions. While you can get fast health care from many different sources online, many of them prioritize speed over quality. Our practice has chosen to be different; while we strive to be prompt in attending to all our patients, we give each individual the time and attention they need to get the best quality treatment possible. 

Our award-winning doctors have graduated from some of the top medical schools in the country and have committed themselves to evidence-based health care for all, no matter the background or circumstance of the person. They are known for their attentive and calming bedside manner and are committed to the health and comfort of every person they serve.

Join Our Volunteer and Shadowing Program Today

If you’re interested in learning and gaining hands-on experience from some of the best doctors in primary care, we would be happy to have you join our volunteer program. To apply, get in contact with us today by phone or email. Once accepted into the program, you can coordinate with us and register for the time slots that work best for you, via our Calendly appointment-scheduling software. 

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